Week of 09/26/2016

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Hi All,

Here is what we have planned for the week ahead:

Kindergarten: The kindergarten students will re-read the story Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems.   Then, each student will use clay to make a sculpture of the monster that he / she designed last week. We will also read the story Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  In the story, three mice decide to play in three jars of paint.  I will show the students to mix the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) to create the secondary colors (orange, green, and purple).  The students will then make drawings and color the items in their drawings by mixing primary colors to make secondary colors.

1st Grade: The 1st graders will learn about form.  I will explain that forms are shapes that are not flat.  We will look at examples of different forms around the room and I will show students how to fold and glue papers in various ways to create different kinds of forms.  Then, each student will use construction paper to create a collage.  Each student’s collage must use at least 5 different kinds of forms.

2nd Grade: The 2nd graders will continue making collages that use positive shapes (shapes that are made by adding something) and negative shapes (shapes that are made by leaving empty spaces).

3rd Grade: The students in 3rd grade will continue to use collage to design their own aliens.  Each student’s collage must use symmetrical balance in at least 3 places and asymmetrical balance in at least 3 places.

4th Grade: These classes will continue learning about color schemes.  Students in Room 203 will use oil pastels to color their drawings.  Students in Room 207 will use tempera paint to paint their drawings.

5th Grade: The 5th graders will continue creating their own Dadaist-inspired photomontages.

6th Grade: These students will continue creating collages inspired by Henri Matisse. This week, each student will begin creating his / her final draft.

7th Grade: The students in these classes will continue their graphic design project.  Each student will work on the final draft for his / her logo design.  This week, each student will finish his / her final draft in pencil.

NOTE: Students who are unable to finish their work in school will be allowed to take them home to complete them.  For students in Rooms 119 and 120, revisions for these drawings will be due on Friday @ 9:00 AM.

8th GradeThe 8th graders will continue their graphic design project.  This week, each student will make any necessary revision to his / her first draft.  If time allows, each student will work on his / her final draft.  Each design must use words and pictures in a creative way to communicate at least 3 pieces of information about the Class of 2016 or about the school.


As always, please email me if there are any questions.

Duone Brown

Art Teacher,

Murray Language Academy

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