Week of 12/19/2016

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Hi All,

As we prepare to celebrate the coming holiday, here is what we have planned:

Kindergarten: Students in these classes will continue using the papel picado (“cut paper”) technique to create snowflakes.

1st Grade: These students will continue creating paintings inspired by interiors painted by the artist Henri Matisse.  This week, each student will color his / her drawing.

2nd Grade: The 2nd Graders will continue their lesson on portrait photography. Each student will continue making a self-portrait photograph inspired by the works of Henri Cartier Bresson and Dorothea Lange.  This week, some students will use cameras to take their self-portraits.  At the same time, other students will begin learning about an artistic movement called Chicago Imagism.  These students will learn that many of these artists got their start right here in Chicago.  These artists made portraits.  Instead of making these portraits in a realistic manner, they made abstract portraits (when an artist makes abstract art, that artist takes things from the world around us and changes them).  The results of the changes made by these artists often resulted in images that were funny or even downright scary.  After looking at examples of Imagist portraits, each student will then create his / her own Imagist-inspired self-portrait.

3rd Grade: These students will continue learning about nonobjective art (art that does not try to represent a person, a place, or a thing).  This week, each student will finish using watercolor paints to paint his / her drawing.

4th Grade:  The students in these classes will continue learning about art made by the Inuit, a Native American group who lives in the areas near the North Pole. This week, each student will finish creating an animal drawing.  Each drawing must use hatching or cross-hatching to show the texture of the animal’s fur, feathers, or scales.

5th Grade:  The 5th graders will continue working on their animation project.   This week, each student will continue creating a storyboard (a storyboard is a special kind of sketch that is used to plan an animation). 

6th Grade: The students in Room 218 will learn about tile work created by artists in Morocco.  I will explain that the religion of Islam was a big artistic influence in this part of the world.  Originally, Muslim artists weren’t allowed to show depictions of people or animals in their works of art. Instead, they focused on shape and pattern.  I will show examples of tiles created by Moroccan artists.  I also explained that each tile uses radial symmetry (if a design has radial symmetry, all of its elements are arranged around the center).  Each student is creating his / her own Moroccan-inspired tile design.  Each student will begin by creating a sketch to plan his / her tile.  Students in Room 219 will continue working on Perspective Drawing #2  (to see the video we are using in class, click HERE). 

7th Grade: These students will continue learning about a series of paintings created by the artist Jacob Lawrence called The Migration Series.  This week, each student will continue making a sketch to begin planning his / her drawing.

8th Grade: The 8th graders will begin learning about a type of animation called cel animation.  For this type of animation, everything that does not move or change is drawn on a background.  Everything that does move or change is drawn and painted on clear sheets of plastic called cels.  Each cel is then stacked on top of the background and photographed to create the frames for the animation.  Students in this room will work in groups to create animations.  This week, each group will create a storyboard for their animation.

As always, please let me know if there are any questions.

Duone Brown

Art Teacher,

Murray Language Academy

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