Week of 03/20/2017

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Hi All,

Here is what we will be doing in art class this week:

Kindergarten: These students will learn about the season of Spring.  We will read the book “How Do You Know When it is Spring?” and each student will then use pencils and oil pastels to create a Spring landscape.

1st Grade: Students in these classes will continue learning about the artist Pablo Picasso. This week, each student will finish planning his / her drawing in pencil.

2nd Grade: The students in 2nd grade will continue creating fabric designs inspired by Adire cloth created by the Yourba people of Nigeria.

3rd Grade: These students will continue learning about manuscript illuminations.  This week, each student will plan his / her historiated initial in pencil and, if time allows, each student will begin coloring his / her design.

4th Grade:The students in Room 203 finish creating clay sculptures of monsters from Greek mythology.  Students in Room 207 will learn how artists use different techniques (different amounts of pressure, hatching, cross-hatching, stippling) to create different values.  Each student will then use at least 2 of these techniques to create value scales.  Each student’s value scale must use at least 5 different values.

NOTE: Students in Room 203 who are unable to finish the required work for their sculptures will be allowed to come in before school or after school to work on them. I will be this Tuesday and Wednesday before school (8:15 AM – 8:45 AM) and after school (3:45 PM – 4:15 PM).  Sculptures are due next Wednesday @ 4:15 PM.

NOTE: Any students in Room 207 who are unable to complete this project in class will be allowed to take it home to complete it. Value scales for students in Room 207 are due next Tuesday @ 9:00 AM.

5th Grade: The 5th graders will continue learning about value (the lightness or darkness of a color). This week, students will learn about highlights, midtones, and shadows and each student will continue to create drawings of at least 3 simple shapes (cube, sphere, or cone) and show the highlights, midtones, and shadows for each object.

6th Grade: I will show these students how to use the grid drawing technique to create a larger version of a drawing or photo that has the same proportions as the original drawing or photo. Then, each student will use the grid technique to create a practice drawing.

7th Grade: The students in these classes will continue creating clay animations. This week, students in Room 119 will finish creating backgrounds for their animations. Students in Room 120 will continue using clay to create the characters for their animations.

8th Grade: The 8th graders will continue creating concrete poems. This week, they will complete their final drafts.

NOTE: Any students who are unable to complete this project in class will be allowed to take it home to complete it. Final drafts for students in Room 116 and 118 are due Monday @ 9:00 AM.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Duone Brown

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